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The Communicating Better Mercantile website was formed when we at Electronic and Computer Specialties noticed a great majority of potential clients had misconceptions about new technology available to businesses today. The old rules, needs, and limitations of business communications today.

We have contracted with ECS, Inc (a computer company) to provide inventory management and sales fulfillment services. So, if you call and it sounds like a high tech company - IT IS! We also know that you are interested in producing your own medical cannabis (that's what the US Justice department has said they expect medical cannabis users to do) we are here to help.

If you enjoy purchasing products that may or may not work, or is completely inappropriate for your situation you can always continue shopping from your favorite phone system or technology provider. If you would prefer to deal with people who care about you, your business, and how to make todays products REALLY WORK you have found the right place. We only recommend the best in class products and that WE actually use,

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