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Greenway University approved pest control

Greenway University, America’ first and only state Approved and Regulated MMJ industry educational provider has issued a Greenway University Seal of Approval™ for No Spider Mites™. Greenway University put No Spider Mites™ through a rigorous approval process.

Greenway utilized its student base, dispensary owners, and over 100 growers to test and validate this product. The results were nothing short of amazing! Greenway University supports the use of safe, effective and proven organic formulations for use by industry professionals. In order to meet Greenway University standards and receive a Greenway University Seal of Approval™ each product must go through a rigorous validation process.

There is no better validation than receiving overwhelming and raving reviews by YOU, the grower, dispensary owner and industry professionals. Try No Spider Mites™ today and learn why countless numbers of dispensary owners, growers and industry professionals swear by No Spider Mites™.

“No Spider Mites™ is the best product I have ever used to treat my spider mite infestation! Not only did it kill my mites on contact, it killed the eggs too!”
Greg G. Denver Colorado

“This product is a life saver! I was going to throw out my entire crop and No Spider Mites™ saved my valuable plants! Thank you No Spider Mites™ I am going to tell my friends about it”
Sharon T. Boulder Colorado

“No Spider Mites™ is the very first product I have ever used that completely eliminated my spider mite infestation so easily that I was thinking, why have I never used this before. Thanks to No Spider Mites™ I will never have to use harsh chemicals to treat my spider mite infestations again”
Jarod L. Los Angeles, California

“I am a 20 year veteran grower who is set in my ways. I was reluctant to try your product, but after only one simple application of your No Spider Mites™ product it made a believer out of me, and that isn’t easy to do! Good Job No Spider Mites™ sometimes an old dog can be taught a new trick”
Larry B. Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Wow, and thank you No Spider Mites™! You saved my crop and eliminated my spider mite infestation. It almost seemed too easy to use that I had to double check my lens on my magnifying glass. I will tell all my friends about your product”
Bruce B. Denver, Colorado

“As a novice grower I did not want to use harsh chemicals for my own personal grow. My friend told me about your product and the results were awesome. Thank you No Spider Mites™”
Lance K. Los Angeles, California

“I have utilized a lot of various methods and tried many different products but nothing has ever done what No Spider Mites™ has done for my grow. The sheen and shine actually stimulated my growth, while completely eliminating my spider mite infestation!”
Gary T. Chico, California

“Your product was everything you said it was and more. I highly recommend using No Spider Mites™ to anyone who has a spider mite infestation. This product flat out works!” Awesome Job!
David H. Los Angeles, California

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