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How Much No Spider Mites Should I Buy

Image of No Spider Mites product sizesOk, now that you have identified your spider mite problem, the next question becomes, "how much product do I need to buy?"

A simple test is the best way for you to determine how much product you need. Get a spray bottle that will spray a mist type spray. Fill the bottle up with pure water (not tap water, filtered or purified only) and spray each plant till it is completely saturated.

This will give you an idea how much product you require for each "treatment." To eliminate a spider mite infestation you need two (2) "treatments" that are about 4 to 6 days apart. This WILL eliminate the current spider mite infestation. Next question you need to ask yourself is "how you liked having a spider mite problem?"

If you don't really like having this problem you need to create a prevention program. This is where you will apply a treatment on a regular basis to make sure that no new spider mites that find their way in are able to take hold. We recommend treating your garden every 30 days to prevent any reoccurrence. For a normal batch that would be one treatment during a vegitative period and another treatment just at flowering.

So lets go over the steps. First is to find the amount you will need to perform one "treatment." Next, if you already have spider mites you will need four times the treatment amount for this crop (two applications to erradicate, once again in veg, once again in bloom). If you want to prevent spider mites you will need two times the treatment amount for your crop (once in veg, once in bloom).

Our product is completely safe, leaving no harmful residues, evaporates while suffocating and eliminating your pest infestations.

We recommend treating with No Spider MItes every 30 days to prevent spider mites from taking hold of your garden, Get No Spider MItes today.

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