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What to Expect after treating your plants with No Spider Mites

Ok, we finally convinced you to pay up enough of your hard earned dough to buy our product. Of course you followed the instructions, shook up the product before applying. You made sure you applied a second treatment 4 to 6 days after the first treatment. Good! But I'm sure you would like to know what to expect in the way of results.

To answer this burning question we have pictorially documented an actual garden and will focus on the same parts of each plant to see what you can expect for results from using No Spider Mites. Sit back, and follow along as we perform a real old fashioned healing!

The first bit of misconception that we need to clear up here is what is meant when we say "healing." I know that you have visions of using a product and just like magic everything is back to something called normal. This is NOT going to happen! Using No Spider Mites or any one of the myriad of concoctions that are supposed to clear up the problem will not erase the damage caused by mother nature. Are we crystal clear? When you use No Spider Mites the mites on the plants and their eggs are destroyed thus preventing further damage. What has been damaged will NOT heal. The new growth on the plant will look healthy and strong but the old curled leaves will not straighten out or ever repair. Once new leaves and shoots start to appear the damaged ones are best cut off.

If you are producing your own medicine then you either have had or will have a problem with Spider Mites. We recommend treating with No Spider MItes every 30 days to prevent spider mites from taking hold of your garden, get No Spider MItes today.

Our product is completely safe, leaving no harmful residues, evaporates while suffocating and eliminating your pest infestations.

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