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Why do Spider Mites keep coming back

We have a customer who had a spider mite problem that kept coming back. This person would treat for spider mites with the No Spider Mites product. The problem would go away, or so it seemed, and would always come back. This customer was convinced that our product didn't work very well.

It took a bit of convincing this person that something else was going on here but we finally did it. This person lived in an apartment building on the second story. The grow room was one of the bedrooms just below the walk way and had a window that opened up to a nice area with benches and plants.

Every year during the winter the plants would do ok, but during the summer everything would get infested with spider mites. We would eradicate the problem, the plants would grow and then the mites would come back. It got to the point where an actual "on site" service call was needed to help with this situation. After weeks of checking everything out in the house and plants we started investigating the area outside.

Right below the grow room window was a large Bougainvillea plant that was showing signs of leaf stress. A quick inspection of the leaves of this plant revealed that it was completely infested. This plant was right below the grow room window and when the gardner's came by with the leaf blowers the critters would sail right up through the open window and infest the plants. This kept happening over and over again and would only happen in the summer time. During the winter the window was kept closed and the problem appears to go away.

The lesson to be learned from this is that if you have spider mites they came from somewhere. Even if you get rid of every single spider mite you can still have a reinfestaton. On a side note, a few months later we went back to check on how things were going. Once the problem source was identified it was easy to make sure the problem never came back. I did notice the Bougainvillea plant was gone though, I never asked about it.

If you are producing your own medicine then you either have had or will have a problem with Spider Mites. We recommend treating with No Spider MItes every 30 days to prevent spider mites from taking hold of your garden, get No Spider MItes today.

Our product is completely safe, leaving no harmful residues, evaporates while suffocating and eliminating your pest infestations.

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